This web site is just one of many that can be designed for any type business in which you may be engaged .  Alexis and her Associate that produced this site are from Chicago, but they have worked on this site as much or more than anyone else in the Gahanna American Legion Post, and anytime problems have come up, they have been Johnny on the Spot to correct them, even though it was this editor's mistake.

All you have to do to check out this Web Designer is to click on the link by the Web developer at the bottom of any page and it will take you to their site.  Alexis is the person in charge, and her developer is Jose  They will provide you with all you desire in the way of a web site.  They designed this site and suggested changes to it as time passed, and are always there to assist when I goof up.  If you need a web site, please contact them, as you will not find anyone better at customer support.  You can tell them that you heard this from this site. 

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