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Fellow Legionnaires, you joined the American Legion for a reason, didn't you?  You all served your country well, and made a decision to continue serving that same country.  So why do so few attend meetings, which only take about 1 hour of your time each month, and your only other requirement is your annual dues of $38.  It's such a small amount to support your fellow veterans and help others in the community in which you live.  Even if you were unable to be an active participant, you still help with your payment of dues each year. 

Can you use some of your spare time to help more?  The Post has a limited number of people who actually work on issues and events that help veterans, the community, or our youth, and they work tirelessly at what they do.  YOU could help them out, and it would not take you that much time.  If you could just make a few phone calls for us,  help us in our fundraising efforts, or come to some of our events to show the community you support your American Legion Post, you would be doing something for yourself, and for our Post.  We are not asking that you dig into your pocket and give us all you have, we are asking that you dig into your conscience and give us some support.   Sure, you can quit, but that would make you a quitter, and our veterans are not quitters. 

Here are a few ways you can help us:

1.  With a provided list, call some of those comrades who have not renewed, and ask them to remain a member and send in their dues.  Introduce yourself to them and get acquainted.  You never know, you may get to be great friends.

2.  Help the Post by selling raffle tickets when we have a raffle.  Attend some of our events, or tell your neighbors about them so they will attend, and we can profit from their attendance. 

3.  Talk to your neighbors and learn who has family members who are either veterans or in the military at present, and ask them to join the Legion, or to pass the word along that we want members.  Get their names and addresses and we will send them literature to entice them to join the Post.  As you all know, all us veterans are growing older and will eventually transfer to Post Everlasting, but we want to leave a legacy of a Post with younger members, those who will continue our efforts and make all of us proud to be Legionnaires.

If you are willing to help in any of the ways suggested, please contact the webmaster and tell him what interests you, and he will provide you with the opportunity to work with us.  The new updated phone number for Post 797 in Gahanna is as follows:  (614) 471-0703.  Voicemail is available if no one answers.

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